1. Ground surface around the farmyard varies from solid stone, concrete to loose stone chippings. Many surfaces around the farm are uneven and may be slippy, especially when wet or muddy.
  2. All Caravans have a concrete slope with handrail up to the door with a small 10cm (4 inch) step into the van.
  3. Each caravan has a parking area made from loose stone chippings with a solid concrete path to the door.
  4. Parking is provided outside each caravan with space for 2 cars. There is lots of room around the farm for additional parking.
  5. Caravans 1,2,3 and 4 are pet friendly, up to 2 pets per caravan.
  6. Caravans 5 and 6 are pet free for people with allergies.
  7. Each caravan has external lighting which is either fully automatic or we will turn on if you are due to arrive after dark.
  8. Bethany is currently working towards her BSL L2 Signature certificate (British Sign Language) so is able to converse in BSL.
  9. There is an outside hose by the solar panel shed for muddy boots or dogs.
  10. We have a play area with swings, a slide, toys and a sand pit.
  11. Our nearest Changing Places is Tesco, Whaley Bridge
  12. WHAT 3 WORDS for the nearest defibrillator is ///sparrows.corkscrew.jigsaw at New Mills Golf Club. Our nearest 24/7 defibrillator is Spring Banks Art Centre
  13. The public footpaths through the farm use a range of stiles. Stile-free walks in the Peak District can be found here.
If you have any questions please get in touch via phone: 0161 427 1841 or email:

No Smoking

Please do not smoke inside any of our static caravans.

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