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Harnessing the power of the sun at Shaw Farm

Our Solar Panel system

In 2012 we installed a 4kw solar pv system at Shaw Farm. On sunny days the renewable electricity produced is used in the Static Caravan accommodation and on our farm. Any excess is exported into the national grid.

We have been very pleased with the system as it produced 3300kWh in the first 12 months which was exactly what the system was predicted to do and is enough to power the average family home for a year. It is virtually maintenance free and switches itself on and off automatically every day. Due to this success we are hoping to install a much larger system in the future.

If your staying in our Static Caravan accommodation on a sunny day its nice to know that your TV or kettle is being powered by the panels on our barn roof rather than a coal power station!

New Mills School

Due to the success of our system we decided to donate some money to New Mills School. They were fundraising to install their own PV system to help power the school and provide an educational resource for the students. They managed to raise £7800 and with the help of the Schools Energy Co-operative managed to install a 21kW system in September 2016.

New Mills School Solar Panels
Solar Panels at Shaw Farm