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New Mills Torrs Hydro Electric Scheme

We are proud to be involved with a ground breaking renewable electricity generation scheme in the Torrs Riverside Park at the centre of New Mills. The community owned scheme cleverly uses an old stone weir across the river Goyt which was built over 100 years ago and was designed to power a Cotton Mill. When the mill burnt down in 1912 it became obsolete.

The Archimedes' Screw was installed in the autumn of 2008 and is now generating renewable electricity from the river. The turbine which has been nicknamed 'Archie' is based on an ancient technology originally designed to transport water uphill. Now the design has been reversed and Archie makes electricity from the power of the water flowing down the Goyt river.

For more details about Torrs Hydro please visit the Torrs Hydro website or the Torrs Hydro blog for the latest updates and pictures.

New Mills Torrs Electic Scheme

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There is a long history in the UK of harnessing the power of our rivers. Where ever you go you will often see old weirs and mills sitting idle. A quiet revolution is now underway to bring these valuable sites back into use to produce renewable electricity to power our homes. Small scale community owned Hydro schemes are now springing up all around the country and the future looks good for this type of renewable energy.

New Mills Torrs Electic Scheme

The hydro scheme generates up to 60kw which is enough to power over 50 homes. So far it is producing over 130,000 kwh of renewable electricity every year. In the future we hope to improve this even further by tweaking its design.

The unique design of the system means fish and other aquatic life can pass through it unharmed. As it was only the 2nd one of its kind built in the country it has attracted lots of media attention and demonstrates how communities can work together to tackle climate change.

Stockport Hydro

We are also supporting a similar scheme which was completed in 2012. This is located five miles downstream from New Mills at Otterspool weir in Stockport. The scheme is now running successfully and producing clean renewable energy. For details please see Stockport Hydro. It is located next to the bridge opposite the Marple Garden Centre which has a nice cafe and is 15 minutes drive from Shaw Farm

Stockport Hydro Electic Scheme