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Environmental work at Shaw Farm

At Shaw Farm we carry out a number of measures to reduce energy use and protect the environment.

Wildlife and the environment

In 2011 we entered Shaw Farm into an environmental scheme called the Higher Level Scheme run by Natural England. This is a 10 year scheme which ensures the land is farmed in an environmentally responsible way.

As part of this scheme we have set aside a number of fields which we carefully manage to encourage rare birds to nest such as lapwing and snipe. We have also agreed to protect and encourage a number of flower rich areas on the farm and have started a programme of stone wall restoration. We maintain all our existing drystone walls (repairing them when the cows have an over-enthusiastic scratching session!)

Over the years we have planted many trees on the farm and fenced off woodlands and streams to restrict cattle access and protect water quality allowing wildlife to flourish and the woodlands to develop undisturbed. This has resulted in many more songbirds and we provide bird tables in the garden of each caravan which are used regularly.

Reducing Fertiliser use

The production of artificial fertiliser's is one of the largest users of energy in agriculture. We are not an organic farm, however we do use organic farming principles in order to reduce the amounts of artificial fertiliser's we need to apply by:

Hay meadow flowers in the Peak District

Reducing Water use

As the farm is on a hill we are able to harvest rainfall in a gravity fed water supply which the cows drink and we use to wash down the cattle sheds. This completely self powered system greatly reduces our use of mains water on the farm.

All waste water from cleaning the farm and washing the sheds is collected and spread on the fields so the nutrients in it can be recycled by the grass which reduces our use of artificial fertiliser's

Reducing Electricity use

We have fitted new low energy LED light bulbs in the cattle sheds and have a daylight sensor system so they are only on when needed. They not only use much less electricity than the old system but also provide much more light so we now dont trip over sleeping cows in the winter!